Opportunities Abound…

When You Use Public Speaking to Move People to Action

How we got started

Theresa Sperling, CEO and Lead Trainer for Achieve That Next Level, has been involved in the training industry since 1993. Over her career, she has naturally gravitated toward training new employees and mentoring those beginning their careers. In 2014, Theresa met Sue Gaulke, who developed The Speakers Training Camp, and became certified to teach
Sue’s course in the United States and Canada. Sue Gaulke describes Theresa as a “Star”.


Toastmasters for over 10 years

Theresa has earned several speaking and leadership awards. In addition,
she has served as a club officer and a mentor many times over. From this experience, Theresa is now serving her second term as a locally elected official.

Always looking to help others

Theresa worked with another woman to start a local Rotary Club. The club was chartered in record time and these two ladies are known as the “Dynamic Duo” in their Rotary District. In addition, Theresa now serves as the District Trainer, where she develops and delivers training sessions for approximately 60 clubs.  As part of this role, Theresa sits on the Midwest PETS Council that covers seven districts in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Achieve that next level

Whether your knees shake at the thought of speaking in front of others or you can do it IF you have to, Theresa focuses on working with people starting from where they are and to get them to that next level.

“It’s such a pleasure to watch someone come out of their shell and overcome that anxiety of public speaking.”